From Mt. Daikan, the highest peak on the south side of Mt. Hakone’s old outer rim of the crater, these castle ruins can be seen on the raised part of the ridge that slopes down in the direction of Yugawara and Sagami Bay. They are said to be the remnants of Sanehira Doi’s castle, but historical investigation has yet to make a decisive conclusion.

However, at the foot of the mountain along Sagami Bay, there is the so-called Atami Road which connects Odawara with Izusan, Atami and Nirayama. Considering the fact that Minamoto no Yoritomo raised an army in Ishibashiyama, this road seems to have been an important traffic route, and in an important position, since long ago. Therefore, it is likely that these castle ruins had some involvement with Sanehira’s connection to Yoritomo’s military efforts.

Admission Free
Access Take the bus for Moto-Hakone from Yugawara Station, and get off at Shitodo no Iwaya Bus Stop (about a 40-minute ride, along the Shiroyama Hiking Course). Walk for about 30 minutes.
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