Kenban Yose (rakugo comic storytelling)

Rakugo is a Japanese performance art that involves a lone storyteller, seated on a raised platform and only using a folding fan and a small cloth as props, conveying a humorous story and handling all speaking roles through clever gestures and voice changes.
Anyone can see a live rakugo performance at Yugawara Onsen on Saturdays and Sundays, during a range of dates throughout the year, for just one coin (500 JPY). It’s the perfect way to experience this traditional Japanese artform firsthand, and add some cultural enrichment to your day!

※Please note that rakugo performances are given entirely in Japanese.

Dates (2022) Saturdays and Sundays only, subject to change and cancellation:
April 2rd to May 22th
June 18th to July 10th
September 3th to November 27th (closed on October 22th and 23th)
Hours About 60 minutes
Venue Yugawara Geikoya Association, 3rd-floor performance hall
Access [By Bus]
From Yugawara Station, take the bus bound for Oku-Yugawara/Fudodaki, and get off at Mitsukecho (about a 10-minute ride).
The bus to Oku-Yugawara/Fudodaki departs from Yugawara Station every 15 minutes.
Inquiries Yugawara Tourism Association
Phone: 0465-64-1234
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Kenban Yose - Saturday & Sunday afternoon performances

Starting Time  1:30 p.m. (doors open at 1:00 p.m.)
Admission  Adults: 500 JPY / elementary school students and younger: free
 Venue  Yugawara Onsen Kenban (Geigi Assignation Office) ,Yugawara Onsen Geigi Offices Association, 3rd-floor performance hall
(458 Miyakami, Yugawara Town)
Access  Take the bus for Oku-Yugawara/Fudodaki from Yugawara Station, get off at Mitsukecho (about a 10-minute ride), and walk for 1 minute.
Inquiries  Yugawara Onsen Tourism Association
Phone: 0465-64-1234


Onsen Rakugo (comic storytelling) - Saturday evening performances

Starting Time 8:40 p.m. (doors open at 8:00 p.m., performance runs for about 40-60 minutes)
Admission <Rakugo only> Adults: 500 JPY / elementary school students: 300 JPY / preschool children: free

<Rakugo and a bath> Adults: 1,000 JPY / elementary school students: 500 JPY / preschool children: free

 Venue For April and May performances: Seiranso (697 Miyakami, Yugawara Town)
Take the bus for Oku-Yugawara/Fudodaki from Yugawara Station, and get off at Oku-Yugawara Iriguchi (about a 20-minute ride). Seiranso is very close to the bus stop.
Inquiries Seiranso
Phone: 0465-63-3111Yugawara Onsen Tourism Association
Phone: 0465-64-1234