Yugawara has a wide variety of shopping opportunities for souvenirs and local specialties. Some of the more notable “made in Yugawara” products include Japanese millet and rice flour dumplings called “kibimochi,” the recipe for which has been handed down for about 100 years, as well as both fresh and dried seafood (“himono”), and more. From November, you can find mikan oranges being sold everywhere in town, from large retail stores to small, self-service roadside and street corner stands.
In addition, there are various workshops where you can try your hand at making Japanese-style sweets, pottery, and crafts, which you can take home as your own original souvenirs. It’s a great, memorable way to experience the local culture hands-on, and makes for a perfect gift!

Facility Name

Uohan - dried fish

Uohan is a traditional shop located in the hot springs area of Yugawara, which sells various kinds of dried fish, salted squid guts, pickled wasabi, kamaboko (steamed fish paste), and other local specialties.

Showa Seika Daifukuya Otojii - Japanese sweets

Daifukuya Otojii is a production and direct sales shop, located on National Route 135, in the Espot Mall next to the grocery department. This shop sells delectable Japanese sweets like daifuku (soft, round rice cakes stuffed with sweet bean paste) and Western-style cream-filled daifuku. Their hassaku orange jelly is hugely popular!
Even though they are particular about the quality of their ingredients, Daifukuya Otojii sells their products at 10% off the regular prices (sticker prices reflect the discount).