Yugawara Onsen Tourism Association recognizes the importance of personal information, has developed a privacy policy, and endeavors to observe and maintain it in order to handle and manage personal information both properly and safely.

・When obtaining personal information, the association will clarify the purposes of use and obtain the information in a proper and fair manner. The personal information it has collected will be used only within the scope of the purposes of use.

・The association will prevent the leakage, loss, destruction and alteration of any and all personal information it has acquired, and take other necessary and appropriate measures for its safe management.

・The association will not use personal information beyond the purposes of use, or provide it to any third parties without the prior consent of the person concerned, except when stipulated by law.

・The association will promptly discard or delete personal information which has become no longer necessary.

・The association will abide by relevant laws and other regulations concerning the personal information it handles.

・The association will endeavor to thoroughly enlighten its staff’s awareness in relation to the protection of personal information, and continue reviewing and improving the privacy policy as needed.

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Please, contact the association by phone if you have any comments or questions about the privacy policy.