At the powerful Fudo Waterfall, which has a height of 15 meters, you can refresh yourself by bathing in plenty of negative ions. On the way to the falls from the nearby bus stop or parking lot, there is a teahouse that serves amazake (sweet, low-alcohol sake) and other refreshments, and you can soothe your fatigue with a footbath as the cascading falls calm your nerves and your spirits.

Enshrined on the right side of the waterfall is Shusse Daikokuson, and on the left side is Migawari Fudoson, to which you can pray for success and for protection from misfortune respectively.

At Fudo Waterfall in Yugawara, zeolite was found by Dr. Kinichi Sakurai in 1931. This Yugawara zeolite was part of the oldest Neogene Yugashima layer in Izu Peninsula. The zeolite was also found in Oku-Yugawara, near the Yugawara Water Purification Plant and Jatai Bridge, near the upper part of the Fujiki River where the Yugashima layer is exposed. In addition to Yugawara zeolite, other varieties such as laumontite, mordenite, epistilbite, and chabazite had formed in these places. It is presumed that the origin of Yugawara’s zeolite has a close relationship with Yugawara’s onsen, in that the area where the zeolite was formed and subsequently discovered is almost the same area in which the hot spring source is located.

Admission Free of charge
Access 750 Miyakami, Yugawara Town - Take the bus for Oku-Yugawara/Fudodaki from Yugawara Station, and get off at Fudotaki Bus Stop (about a 20-minute ride). Free parking available.
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