Kenban Yose (Rakugo Comic Story telling)

You can enjoy rakugo comic story telling at Yugawara Onsen on Saturdays and Sundays from Apr. 7th – May 20th, Jun. 16th – Jul. 1st, and Sep. 1th – Dec. 9th (except for Sep. 29th and 30th). Dates subject to changes and cancellations.
The admission fee is just one coin (500 JPY). Please feel free to drop in

Running Period April 3rd to May 16th, 2021, June 9th to July 27th (closed on July 10th and 11th), September 4th to November 21st, Saturday and Sunday
Hours About 60 minutes
Venue Yugawara Geikoya Association 3rd floor opening
Transportation [By Bus]
From Yugawara Station, take a bus bound for Oku Yugawara or Fudo Fall and get off at Mitsukecho (about 10 minutes).
-Bus to Oku Yugawara or Fudo Fall run every 15 minutes.
Inquiries Yugawara Tourism Association Phone: 0465-64-1234
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Kenban Yose: Saturday & Sunday afternoon performances

Curtain time  1:30 p.m. (Doors open at 1:00 p.m.)
 Fees  Adults: 500 JPY/  Elementary schoolers and younger: free of charge
 Venue  Yugawara Onsen Kenban (Geigi call Office) ,Yugawara Onsen Geigi Offices Association, 3F
(458 Miyakami, Yugawara Town)
Transportation  Take the bus for Oku yugawara or Fudo taki from Yugawara Station  (about an 8 minute ride), get off at Mitsuke cho, and walk for 1 minute.
Inquiries  Yugawara Onsen Tourism Association  Phone: 0465-64-1234

Onsen Rakugo (comic story telling): Saturday evening performances

Curtain time 8:40 p.m. (Doors open at 8:00 p.m. Performance runs from about 40 minutes to an hour.)
 Fees <Rakugo only> Adults: 500 JPY / elementary schoolers: 300 JPY / preschool children: free of charge
<Rakugo and a bath> Adults: 1,000 JPY / elementary schoolers: 500 JPY / preschool children: free of charge
 Venue Venue for April and May performances: Seiranso (697 Miyakami, Yugawara Town)
Take the bus for Oku yugawara from Yugawara Station, and get off at Oku yugawara Iriguchi. Seiranso is very close to the bus stop.
Inquiries Seiranso  Phone: 0465-63-3111
Yugawara Onsen Tourism Association  Phone:0465-64-1234