Since Yugawara Town is sandwiched between the sea and the mountains, abundant fresh fish and shellfish, as well as seasonal delicacies from the mountains, can all be enjoyed. This is why there are many sushi restaurants and other Japanese restaurants where you can savor set meals with grilled fish, bowl dishes, sashimi and other delights of the palate.
You can find Western style restaurants and stylish cafés, too, some of which are Michelin starred establishments. There are, also, about a dozen ramen restaurants unique to Yugawara that have maintained the traditional cooking method of a broth based on soy sauce.
You might be surprised that Yugawara Town is also a town of bread. The water welling out of rich nature makes Yugawara’s bread delicious. Yugawara Town has several bakeries, each of which is so popular, that many Japanese people come from distant places to buy bread.