• Tangerine Orange Picking
  • Tangerine Orange Picking

Tangerine Orange Picking

When the mountains from Oku-yugawara to Hakone are colored with multicolored autumn leaves, on the hillside along the sea, the golden mandarin oranges, exposed to salty sea breezes, reach their prime stage of growth.
The secret to the tastiness of Yugawara’s mandarins is the combination of sunny hillsides and their proximity to the sea. Abundant sunshine and a warm climate are key to producing sweet mandarins.
Yugawara’s mandarins grow quickly. Please enjoy the taste of freshly picked oranges until you are full.

“Tangerine picking,” while viewing Sagami Bay, is a pleasure unique to this area.
◆ Tangerine picking can be enjoyed in any tangerine grove of the town.
◆ The Tangeine Picking Association Information Office will guide you to and from the best tangerine orchard at the time of your visit, free of charge.
◆ In the tangerine eorchards, you can also enjoy barbecuing. ※Reservations are required for barbecuing, so please contact the Tangeine Picking Association Information Office by phone.

Location of the information offices
The information office, which is open every day during the period mentioned above,is under the JR overpass along the Chitose River
(Turn right at the Chitose River Intersection and walk straight down the road along the Chitose River. It is under the JR overpass.)

The information office, which is open only on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays during the period mentioned above, is inside Yugawara Station (on the right hand side of the Yugawara Station ticket gate).

About the information offices
※The office may be closed due to weather conditions (rainy weather and others), even during the hours in which it is supposed to be open.
※Reservations are not required for Tangerine picking. Please feel free to drop in at the information office.
Please contact us a day in advance if you are coming on a large sized bus.
※Free shuttle services between Yugawara Station and the orchard are available. Please contact the information office if you wish to use them.

Period when the information office is open October 10th (Sat) – December 20th(sat) , 2020
Hours when the information office is open 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Fees Adults: 400 JPY / children: 350 JPY / infants: 300 JPY (all-you-can-eat special)
※There will be additional charges for souvenirs.
Inquiries Yugawara Tangerine Picking Assocation Information Office Phone: 0465-63-1920(9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.)
※The phone will be answered only during the period that the office is open.
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