In 1180, Yoritomo Minamoto, who later established the Kamakura Shogunate, raised an army to destroy the Taira family and revive the Minamoto family. He lost the Battle of Ishibashiyama, and led by Sanehira Doi, hid in the cave called “Shitodo no Iwaya” (Shitodo Cave). Springwater flows down there and the rocks have gathered moss. The cave, where it is cool even in summer, is an enchanted land where many statues of Kannon (the Goddess of Mercy), called the “Group of Statues of Kannon in Doi Sugiyama Cave,” and stone pagodas stand in rows.

Charges Free of charge
Transportation Take the bus for Moto hakone from Yugawara Station and get off at “Shitodo no Iwaya Iriguchi” bus stop. (About a 40 minute bus ride. The bus goes along the Shiroyama Hiking Course.)
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