From early February to mid-March, the red and white blossoms of about 40,000 ume (plum) trees run riot like a “carpet of ume” all over the pediment, an area of nine hectares. The park becomes enveloped in the fragrance of ume. Reflections of seasonal blooms in the park’s streams and ponds can be enjoyed along the walking trails, providing a chance to relax leisurely while savoring the season. What do you say to the carefree experience of being in nature, such as observing creatures in the brooks, viewing seasonal flowers and bird-watching?

Charges Free of charge; unrestricted entry ※Except during the “Ume Party” period, (usu. early February to mid-March) when 200 JPY is charged for admission.
Transportation Take the bus for Makuyama Koen from Yugawara Station and get off at the last stop: “Makuyama Koen” (about a 15-minute ride).
Inquries Yugawara Town Tourism Division Phone: 0465-63-2111
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About the use of the barbecue facility

Application destination Makuyama administrative building Phone: 0465-63-1977
Period of use Apr. 1 – Oct. 31
Hours of use 9:00 – 16:00
How to Apply Fill out the application form at the administrative building and put it in the post there. ※Reservations not accepted. Please apply at the administrative building on the day of your use.
Venue Barbecuing Zone (Refer to the map boards in the park.)
Use fee Free of charge ※Except for during the “Ume Party” period (usu. early February to mid-March)
Dos and Don’ts Putting stoves directly on the ground and/or making a fire directly on the ground are forbidden. Please bring along barbecue stoves or grills with legs. When you wash your iron plates, dishes and others, please don’t use the water in the streams or throw used water into the streams. In the park, barbecue utensils and others are not rented out, and foodstuffs and others are not sold.From early February to mid-March, red and white ume blossoms run riot all over the pediment like a “carpet of ume.” The park is enveloped in the fragrance of ume.