This waterfall is only 15 meters high, but its volume of water is large. Substitute Fudoson is placed on the left side of the waterfall, and Success-in-life Daikokuson on the right. There is also a teahouse near the waterfall.
◎At Fudo taki, Yugawara, zeolite was discovered by Dr. Kinichi Sakurai in 1931. The Yugawara zeolite discovered at Fudo taki was found in the oldest Neogene Yugashima Group in Izu Peninsula. The zeolite was also discovered in Oku yugawara, near the Yugawara water purification plant and Jatai Bridge near the upper part of the Fujiki River where the Yugashima Group is exposed. In addition to Yugawara zeolite, zeolite such as ◎laumontite, ◎mordenite, ◎ epistilbite and ◎chabazite has been produced in these places. It is presumed that the origin of Yugawara’s zeolite has a close relationship with Yugawara’s onsen in that the producing area of the zeolite is almost the same as the hot spring source.

Charges Free of charge
Transportation Take the bus for Oku yugawara or Fudo-taki from Yugawara Station and get off at “Fudo taki” bus stop (about a 20 minute ride). Free parking available. Location: 750 Miyakami, Yugawara Town
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