• Gosho Shrine Setsubun Festival
  • Gosho Shrine Setsubun Festival
  • Gosho Shrine Setsubun Festival

Gosho Shrine Setsubun Festival

Beans are thrown while chanting “Devils out! Good luck in!” You might win a lucky prize.
Bean-throwing volunteers wanted.

What is setsubun?
In this case, “setsubun” refers to the eve of the first day of spring, but it also is used to refer to the eves of the first days of spring, summer, fall and winter―the turning points of the four seasons. Each year, therefore, has four setsubuns, but according to the lunar calendar, the first day of spring is the beginning of the year (New Year’s), so the setsubun before the first day of spring (New Year’s Eve) has come to be regarded as the most important.
The Setsubun Festival has a bean-scattering component, in which men and women born under the same sign as that of the current year (according to the Chinese zodiac calendar), throw roasted beans in order to drive away misfortunes and evil spirits, chanting “Devils out! Good luck in!” It was a custom, originally from China, introduced during the Muromachi era as an annual event called “Tsuina” or “Oniyarai.” During the Edo era, it became widespread and popular as an event for driving out evil spirits at the beginning of the New Year.

Date 2Tuesday, Feb 2021
Hours 10:00 a.m. - Shinto ritual and bean-throwing ceremony
Venue Gosho Shrine (359-1 Miyashita, Yugawara-machi)
※It is about one kilometer away from Yugawara Station in the direction of Oku-yugawara. Take the bus for Oku-yugawara or Fudo-taki and get off at Gosho Jinja bus stop (about a 3-minute ride).
Inquiries Yugawara Tourism Association Phone: 0465-64-1234
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Bean-throwing volunteers wanted!

Number of people to be recruited  The first 15 persons
Participation costs  10,000 JPY (Price includes a prayer fee, costs for an amulet、an offering, a kamishimo ceremonial costume and a group photo.)
※Elementary schoolers and younger: 5,000 JPY (Children do not wear kamishimo.)
Please pay at the reception desk on the day of the event.
 Schedule 10:00 Gosho Shrine: Reception of volunteers , getting together / putting on kamishimo
10:20 Shinto ritual (main building)
11:00 Ceremony to drive out evil spirits (specially prepared stage)
11:10 Bean-throwing ceremony (ends as soon as the beans run out)